I feel like one of those people who call into a radio station and say that they are a long time listener and a first time caller. Without regaling too much about how much I’ve been fascinated by this camera or that or how I remember my aunt showing me how to focus using the focusing screen in her SLR in Capitol park a few decades back, know that I’ve been interested, usually more so, in photography for the better part of my life.

Of course, interest doesn’t always mean content, and I’ve spent far too long capturing and collecting and not sharing. That’s certainly not to say that I feel my work is the epitome of what photography should be, far from it. I don’t want to share because I feel your life is incomplete without seeing what I create. I want to share because I want to learn. Sure, I might get eviscerated by someone of greater or lesser skill for what I do. I might get praise for what I think is crap. In fact, I won an award in high school for just such a photo. So, I’m here to share, and I’m here to learn.

If you have something constructive to say, please, leave a comment, contact me, or share the post on social media and leave a lengthy analysis. If you really love a photo and you want to have it hang in your home, awesome! I’d love to chat with you either way. Oh, and don’t forget, I drink coffee.

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