One of the many hats I get to wear at my regular  job  is that of photographer. It took a bit of a mental shift at the start because most of the assignments were very much outside of the realm of what I usually do. Instead of meandering through a city or the beaches of San Francisco I really started with taking staff photos for everyone.

We were in desperate need of  new staff photos as the dedicated new staff photo camera was a stunning 2.0 megapixel gem from 2004. Each photo  looked like a mug shot. In the case of my original staff photo, my nose looked larger than normal and I appeared heavily jaundiced.

To remedy this situation I set up a few picture days and managed to get most of the staff. From there I’ve expanded into shooting a variety of events. While I have expanded my skill set and become a better portrait and event photographer, I still enjoy the times where I can go and experiment with the lines and angles that the buildings on campus create. In the case of this photo, we were looking to present some new and abstract ideas for our yearly calendar. While the shot was ultimately not chosen for our calendar, it is still one of  my favorites.

September 28, 2016

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