I was up in Seattle a few weeks ago. The reason was a funeral. That sucked. I lost one of my uncles to his second battle cancer.
An odd thing about grief to me is trying to think of something to say or write. For me, there isn’t usually much I can say that hasn’t already been said. Kirk was an exceptional guy that positively affected so many people.
I remember talking with him after I got home from London years back. He’d been over there for work and we talked about how he would just go walking to explore the area and see what he could find. So, while I found myself in Seattle, I remembered that conversation and tried to do a bit of the same.
After a wonderful brunch my second day there I came out and just sort of looked around. I couldn’t pick a direction immediately, so I paused, recalled the conversation, and started walking. Be it through my knack for caffeine, or remembering Kirk’s story, I found myself at Storyville Coffee. As I sat and sipped with my mum and aunt we reminisced.

Storyville Macchiato

July 29, 2015

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