Roses are beautiful. I’m fortunate enough to live a block away from a whole rose garden. They are also excellent photo subjects and backdrops. Not a weekend goes by that there aren’t half a dozen or more engagement shoots, weddings, quinceañeras, or tourists milling about the place.

I’ve had my fair share of rose shots. I know I will have more. Shooting the same area or scene can get to feel a little stagnant sometimes though. I’ve started venturing out to more local events and meets to try and vary up the scenery and atmosphere. One of my new favorites is the Saturday morning Farmers Market in Midtown. There is an abundance of fresh produce and a myriad of other vendors including a Volkswagon bus turned waffle mobile, a man that sells all lavender products, as well as a singular sighting of a vendor that sold all organic men’s facial hair care products. Of course, after all of that variety, what did I find myself shooting when I was there last? Roses!? No, not quite, but still in the flower family.

Purple Flowers

June 24, 2015

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