I’ve been carrying my camera on its strap, and not in a bag more often lately and I’m glad I have been. While having it in a bag is convenient, it is that whole out of sight out of mind thing. I started to notice that though I’d have my camera with me, I was taking photos more infrequently. So this past Friday when the sky looked angry I didn’t have to remember to pull out the camera, it was already there.

Purple thunderstorm clouds at sunset

It’s not too often we get a good thunderstorm here in Sacramento. This past winter it was infrequent enough that we got some rain. While this past Friday we didn’t get too much rain in the city itself, I know places like Auburn got quite the drenching, if only for a little bit. Here’s to hoping for some more summer showers in our parched state.

June 8, 2015

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