Exploring the Old Sugar Mill I came across so many interesting objects. There was an office chair that sat atop what looked like a pile of concrete and dirt. There was an office full of early 50’s dusty desks, chairs, and cabinets juxtaposed with a pristine looking exposed circuit board from a punch clock that did not have a spec of dust on it. There was a moldy wall that spanned from the first floor to the second. The actual floor of of the second level near this portion of wall was no more, likely collapsing under its own weight long ago. Inexplicably, there were marshmallows strewn all around this gaping hole in what should’ve been the floor.

I did not manage to get shots of everything I saw. There was simply too much to explore, and not enough time to capture it all. I did hone in on a few spots and I got some mini stories out of these areas. One of my favorites is this old breaker box.

June 3, 2015

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