I remember going over to my girlfriend Laura’s house on the 4th of July. We’d stocked up with hundreds of sparklers and we were planning on doing the normal fireworks, and doing some sparkler photos with her friends.

They’ve all known each other for years and they always have the best times together. This also means that they are totally free to make silly jokes and be goofy beyond belief. On this 4th of July that is just what happened. I had just gotten my wide-angle lens and I was wanting to play around with it. I went outside and took several self portraits with the sparklers and a timer to the soundtrack of four mid-twenty-year-old ladies giggling up a storm. After a bit of wrangling, I managed to get them all outside and the high energy levels continued. I lost track of how many dozens of shots we took, but this one is the best of all.

Though they may live in different cities, states, and even countries now, they all Love each other and still have the best times when they get together. I’m glad I am part of their shenanigans.


May 26, 2015

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