There are so many birthdays in May! It almost feels like everyone I know is born in May. That is certainly not the case, but with my mum’s birthday today, and the girlfriends less than a week away, the feeling of importance is increased a bit.

I am certainly thankful for my mum’s birthday today. She has always been beyond supportive of me in whatever random interest I take. On this particular trip we both avoided, as best we could, getting wet from incoming waves. I think everyone knows how that turns out. We also got a rather slow drenching from the dense mist and fog. I had water running down my back, and my mum’s hair looked like it was just washed.

Though my mum was just there spectating, she didn’t complain about any of the adverse conditions or how long I was taking to get my shots. She just let me do my thing and even let me take a side trip to the Golden Gate on the way home. I don’t know that I could ask for much more in a mum.
Fog and Foam at Sunset

May 20, 2015

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