The Women’s Amgen Tour of California concluded on Sunday. The men’s tour began. While I’ve seen some great shots of the men’s tour I didn’t get too many shots of them. They took the road straight out of the city and didn’t return for hours.

The women on the other hand did 17 laps around a circuit downtown. I was hoping for the “perfect” panning shot. For my proficiency level at panning shots, and my lack of practice, I would call this one perfect.

Women's Amgen Tour of California  2015


I’ve got a few more shots to share, so look for those soon!

Don’t forget that starting this Saturday, May 16th, you can see all of the art going up for auction, including my work! I’ve got more information on the events check out my Crocker Art Museum post, and for a preview, check out my The Time Approaches! post.

May 11, 2015

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