The Amgen Tour of California comes back to Sacramento this year. I caught a bit of the action last year in Sacramento and up in Auburn. I’m a bit more aware of it this year than I was last year. I very nearly had my car towed away last year. When I found a spot the night before the race, I failed to pay attention to the giant NO PARKING 6am-6pm signs posted all over. Thankfully a police officer ran my plates and noticed I lived a block away. He rang the buzzer and I was able to move my car just before the tow truck came for me.

While I haven’t taken many photos of cycling, it is fun to try to get that perfect panning shot.  It is difficult. I was in Chicago in 2009 and happened to stumble upon the Criterium bike races around Millennium and Grant Park.
I decided that I was going to capture a panning shot. I filled my memory card with shot after shot but I didn’t see a winner then. I’ll blame my lack of noticing this shot initially on reviewing everything on the minuscule screen of the Canon Rebel XT that I was shooting with at the time.

Eventually I  was pleased when I reviewed the shots on my computer and found this shot.
Two cyclists raceI’m a bit out of practice with panning shots, and unlike the Criterium races, the Amgen Tour doesn’t do a circular track sort of race so I’


May 8, 2015

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