As you may have read last week, this is happening. It has certainly been a bit crazy lately. In between re-starting my blog, bouncing back and forth on the print ordering, debating on business cards, stressing over order status pages that simply said “Processing & Printing” that made me paranoid I would not get my prints in time, to the icing on the cake of losing the last 3 years of photos.

A short update on that front. I seem to have all of the images, I’ll just have to essentially re-build from scratch. The recovery process destroys all file organization and file names.

Alas, those stressors aside, I received my prints yesterday! I have never ordered anything on aluminum before. I’ve had some prints on metal paper, but that doesn’t come close to how cool these aluminum prints are.  I feared the pieces I chose for the Big Names, Small Art auction would be too small at 5×5 inches. I’d say they turned out just fine.

3 photos of details on a train engine
Detail shots of a train engine in Old Town Sacramento

As a little addition to all of my prints, I also got some business card stickers to affix to the back. Not that I hope people would look at the back of my prints all that often, but it makes it easy to remember where you got it from.

Now, I bet you’re curious what photo I chose to submit? Well, I know a good many of you already know. It is none other than my Tower Bridge Lines photo. You can even check out the Crocker’s Auction Preview Page, select Page 2, and scroll down to item 116. As far as what the print itself looks like, here is a good idea.

Blurry image of Tower Bridge Lines photograph

Oh, it’s blurry and you can’t tell the scale of the image? Perhaps you should come to the Crocker Art Museum between May 16th and June 6th to check it out in person and let me know when you do. Details are here.

May 6, 2015

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