I’ve been paranoid about losing photos for several years. It started after I actually did lose some photos from a trip to the Grand Canyon. I was being a bit too much of a nerd and I went and re-formatted a hard drive without thinking about there being photos on it.


That was totally my fault, and I should have known better. Well, I’ve been much better since then. Anytime I go to erase a folder or drive that I know has had photos on it, I triple check to make sure they exist somewhere else, that the drive they are on works, and that I can use the photos from that drive. Then, and only then, do I delete the photos. There is always a bit of trepidation at that time. The closest I’ve come to losing photos this way was when I straight forgot about an external drive that I had in a “safe place”. So only my memory failed then.

Of course, all this time I have had a slight paranoia that the single drive that I’ve had the last three years of photos on would fail me. So I finally bit the bullet and ordered some backup drives. I got some nice ones that copy the files to two hard drives in one little case at the same time. This means that there are automatically 2 copies of all of my files! Score! Well…maybe not…

Murphy’s law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. As I prepared to write a post about the Tower Bridge in the morning vs. at sunset, this super cool new pair of drives did not load. I re-started my computer and still no luck. I tried a different hard drive case and still no luck.

At the current moment, it would appear that I have lost all photos from 2013-current.

Sure, I have some of my better photos saved on my SmugMug site, or on GoogleDrive, but I do know that I’ve lost a fair amount of graduation photos of myself, and several other family gathering events. Here is one of those images. It is oddly fitting that it is a sunset.

Sacramento Tower Bridge at Golden Hour

For now I will attempt to  imagine that I am a buddhist monk, and these last three years has been me creating one of those super ornate sand paintings grain by grain. Tonight was the night I wiped the canvas clean and will begin again.


May 4, 2015

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