When I think of old historical places, I usually think back to my distant roots of Wales and Scotland. Edinburgh Castle certainly comes to mind. I think of places that have stood the test of time and are still there. The chance to see some of those historical places lead me to do a study abroad several years ago.

Sure enough, when I was there I saw Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge, Bath, York, and many of the cool old places I’d long dreamed of. Of course those places were great, but coming back to California I was a bit disappointed with how new everything seemed. Psh! The Capitol is only 141-years-old! It’s a baby compared to something like Edinburgh Castle! Of course, it is young compared to a castle. That isn’t to say it is any less interesting though, especially if you go hunting through the State of California Library Archives. Searching through the archives isn’t super easy, it makes me appreciate those who index and catalog pieces all that much more, but it is very exciting to find very old photos of a very familiar place.

Honestly, how many of you knew that the backside of the capitol used to have a different look than it does now? Or that there was a dirigible visit in 1932? All rather neat things if I do say so myself.

As I look over these images, it’s now that I feel that similar connection to the capitol that I did to the idea of historical places in my mind. The times change, the city changes, and even parts of the building change. Through it all though, the capitol is there, and it is always recognizable.

Capitol Angle

May 1, 2015

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