For as much as I love coffee, I find that I don’t often get up early enough to really enjoy a good cup before work during the week. Sure, some days I might leave a few minutes early and cheat in a few minutes late to swing by one of the local Old Soul Co. shops, but I don’t do it often.

Now, the weekends are great. I don’t have anywhere to be so I can wake up at 8 or later, eat breakfast, and walk or bike to a nearby shop and enjoy my cup and read, or write, or look goofy while taking photos of my LEGO barista. Like this one from Temple Coffee Roasters

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It is truly one of the best things about living in Sacramento, there is certainly no shortage of coffee shops to visit, and there are only more coming in each week. In fact, I think there is a new one that opened up in the last few weeks that I haven’t been to.

If only I could remember the name! If you happen to know it, let me know! In the mean time, I’ll reminisce about visiting Verve coffee roasters in Santa Cruz a while back. I’m excited to head down there in July for the Wharf to Wharf, but probably equally excited to have some delicious coffee.

Verve Cappuccino

April 29, 2015

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