If you want to be teleported back in time, Old Sacramento is a good place to start. While there you can wander around the streets of Old Sacramento on creaky wooden sidewalks and uneven cobble streets. You can visit the old schoolhouse and get a bit of a history lesson. You can also hop on an old steam train or even a steam boat. You do have to watch out for cars though. Admittedly they do ruin the illusion a bit, but there is a time when Old Sacramento gets transformed.

The Gold Rush Days helps complete the transportation back in time since they fill the streets dirt and have actors in period dress walk around and perform. Though Sacramento put the Gold Rush Days festival on hold in 2014 since it takes thousands of gallons of water that California is severely lacking, they say that it is on for 2015!

In the mean time, you can still meander around Old Sacramento and find a few places that manage to quiet the modern city sounds. If you focus on a small enough area you may just be able to imagine a moment from the past. That’s why I like this photo so much. It’s cut out all of the distracting elements that ruin the illusion to focus in on the details of a lone lamp next to a window with the curtain pulled. Since this is nearer the Sacramento Railroad Museum, I like to think that behind the curtain is an elder gentleman reminiscing about his younger years while filling in the pages of a journal he passed on to his children.

What do you think is going on behind the curtain?

April 15, 2015

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