The Tower Bridge here in Sacramento is just one of the images you have to get when you’re in Sacramento. Though likely not as well known as the Tower Bridge in London, it shares the name, and to Sacramento, I’d say the prestige as well.
The Tower Bridge here in Sacramento was built in 1935. One of the more interesting aspects of the bridge to me is what’s called the Shoofly bridge that existed during the Tower Bridge’s construction.

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You can still see remnants of that bridge today if you are on the East side of the bridge. Just to the right you can see what is a concrete platform going out from behind an iron fence.

Browsing all of the photos of Sacramento and more so, the pictures of the Tower Bridge, it begins to feel daunting to get an original shot of the bridge. That’s when you have to wait for other elements to add something to an otherwise familiar scene. What’s that get you at a bridge, light trails of course. Should Sacramento end up building the proposed streetcar in a few years, I’ll most certainly have to create an updated version.

One thing is going to have to happen for sure though, on April 10th, 2035 I am going to be back to capture a 100th anniversary shot of the construction photo above. I wonder what my caffeination options will be then?

April 13, 2015

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