One downside to living in an urban area can be the lack of greenery. Sacramento generally bucks that trend. We are the City of Trees so greenery isn’t usually far away, there are still some pockets of nothing but concrete and buildings.
I don’t spend that much of my time in these areas, mostly since much of it is a construction zone for our new Sacramento Kings Arena.

Since I don’t spend too much time in those areas I thought it would be a perfect time to get some cool shots low to the ground that showed the endless sprawl of urbanization. Of course, it would be just my luck that as I lowered the camera to the ground and took a shot without looking that the camera would focus on a piece of greenery.
Truth be told, I’m not even mad. It’s one of those things that is so pleasantly unexpected that had you tried to do, it just wouldn’t have come out the same way.

What’s the last thing that did that to you?

April 12, 2015

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