Hinges, and pulleys, and levers oh my! Inside a former paint shop at the Sacramento Railyards, which served as the end of the line for the Transcontinental Railroad more than 150 years ago, I got drawn into the details.

The site is one that has been under various forms of redevelopment for the better part of my life; the biggest chunk of this redevelopment being toxic substance mitigation and removal.

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Railyards last year for a Sacramento Republic FC event. While I was excited for the event, I was more excited to get the opportunity to go inside one of these old buildings. I was shocked at how massive the interior is. Once over the size of the space, I honed in on the intricacies of some of the massive doors.

Old wooden doors

This is actually three separate doors. Trying to solve the mysteries of the pulleys and levers and discover how they worked together generations ago had me literally staring into the corner while dozens gathered for the real event.

After a few minutes, others came by and started to admire the old doors as well. We managed to push the smaller stiff door open and examine all three from outside. We explained our theories back and forth about how it all worked, we admired the craftsmanship, and we were thankful that it seems like this piece of history will be retained.

April 3, 2015

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